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Representing injured bicyclists statewide
and helping make our streets safer for everyone.

Whether you've been doored, T-boned, rear-ended, right-hooked, left-hooked or even thrown from your bike by a road not fit for ordinary travel, Washington Bike Law has the experience to help.

Washington Bike Law's founding attorney Bob Anderton has over two decades of experience in successfully representing injured bicyclists.

In law school, Bob planned to do pure public interest law work. But in 1992 Bob had the opportunity to work with acclaimed trial lawyer Tom Chambers and began representing catastrophically injured people and their families. Tom Chambers served as the President of the Washington State Bar Association and, in 2000, became a Washington State Supreme Court Justice until he retired in 2012.

After learning the best practices in the profession, Bob Anderton started Anderton Law Office. The phrase "bike law" did not exist then, but Bob had always been a bicyclist and found that he really enjoyed representing bike people.

Without ad campaigns or even a business plan, bicyclists gradually became the majority of Bob's clients. Bob advocates for individual clients and provides pro bono advocacy for bicycling and safer streets.

Attorney Jessica Cutler brings to Washington Bike Law the perspective of a professional bike racer who has also worked as a bike messenger. She offers the motivation and stamina of an athlete and applies it to the law.

Attorney Rob Levin brings more than a quarter century of litigation experience to Washington Bike Law. Rob spent many years representing insurance companies and defendants in civil litigation and this experience can help Washington Bike Law's individual clients. Rob is a bike commuter and recreational rider.

Escalating Its War on Cars, San Francisco Weaponizes Real Estate


This is actually a good planning idea (thinks Bob), but using the phrase WAR ON CARS is not.

In San Francisco, a new ordinance provides that, the more free parking any new project plans to provide, the more it must do to encourage alternate ways of getting around.

wired.com New rules for developers won't kill traffic, but should make life better.

Letter To Whomever Stole My Bike


No one wants to have a bike stolen. When I (Bob) was in law school, after my first test, I went out to the bike rack only to find my bike missing its seat. The thief left the seat post (which was a bit disconcerting). I survived. This writer survived with humor.

I particularly like this part:

"If you’re going to continue your misguided life of crime and drag my bike into the debauchery, please do it in a cool, sexy, Robin Hood style. For example, you could use the bike to steal a famous painting from a miserly, republican evil doer, and then sell the painting to a museum and donate the money to charity. If my bike is to be associated with thievery, I want it to be glamorous and morally upstanding."

(Found by Lauranne)

thehiggsweldon.com To whom it may concern,Really, I am not angry you stole my bike. I’ve illegally napstered an album once. I understand the thrall of the darkness. Truly, I simply hope that you can give my bike a nice home. I will concede that I wasn’t a perfect mother; I was always getting drunk and googling…

SoulCycle, explained


Anyone out there doing Soul Cycle? I (Bob) am skeptical. Consider putting $30 in your retirement account or maybe donating to the ACLU each time you commute by bike instead.

You can wear headphones (though some will say you shouldn't) and rock out to the beat of your choosing. You can ride as hard as a soul cycle and go down the road getting somewhere. If you need competition, challenge your neighbor to a commuter Cat 6 race.

vox.com I would be lying if I said I wanted to quit SoulCycle.

Well, the Seattle Snowpocalypse left almost as quickly as it came. Despite schools being closed and many people opting to take a "snow day" our staff braved the elements and rode their bikes into the office this last Monday. Here are some photos of Jessica and Lauranne's snow day rides. We'd love to hear your stories and see photos of your snow day rides in the comments!

ICE BIKE The worlds first bike with wheels made of ICE


THAT was an icy commute. Assuming you survived it-- or avoided it-- perhaps you'd like to see a bike with ice tires. Stupid, but moderately amusing nonetheless.

What if a bike had ice for wheels? Well i decided to find out...with a little help from cryogenics, helicopters, #HeattechPower...and Dave of course. Watch t...

Don't Say 'Cyclists,' Say 'People on Bikes'


In the time of Trump, some people think they can say anything they like because "political correctness" is over. The reality is that WORDS MATTER and words affect how people think about a topic.

As advocates for bicycling, we should carefully choose our words. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways figured this out a long time ago, and we should all get on board. It's not about being politically correct, it's about effective advocacy.

citylab.com A group of Seattle-based safer streets advocates say they've been able to foster a much more civil debate by changing up the language they use.

When Bike Sharing Goes Bad


This sounds about right. Hopefully, Seattle will have a functional bike share system at some point. We have multiple private car-share systems... while bike sharing is certainly a worthy government action, perhaps we need privately-run bike share.

What if large urban employer (Amazon.com anyone?) put up the money in to make it large enough from the beginning? Complete with E-Bikes. It might actually make a profit. Admit it, you may mock E-Bikes, but you would like to try one... especially from downtown to Capitol Hill, rather than the other way around.

What if they had free bike delivery via Prime... who could resist?! I (Bob) know not everyone is a fan of Amazon, but wouldn't you like Amazon more if it started a successful bike share system?

citylab.com Why did Pronto! fail to take off in one of America's most bike-friendly cities?

This Simple Design Could Keep Streetcar Tracks From Destroying Bikers


Washington Bike Law has represented multiple people who crashed on tracks on the infamous Missing Link and what was once called the SLUT and, while flangeway fillers existed then, the accepted wisdom was that they wore out quickly and simply didn't work for entire sections of roadway (as opposed to short crossings). Perhaps things will soon change for the better...

fastcoexist.com If you bike in a city with light rail, you know the dangers of getting your tire stuck: a sudden trip over the handlebars. This new idea lets cities...

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