Friends of the Seattle Mounted Patrol Videos

Videos by Friends of the Seattle Mounted Patrol in Seattle. The Mounted Patrol occupies a unique niche in the police force providing both good community policing and the relationships that go with it, and handling potentially hazardous situations like large or rowdy crowd control that can cause injury and damage.

Clip of Mountedd Unit In March 15 Irish Parade, 2014

Other Friends of the Seattle Mounted Patrol videos

Wait for the Slo-Mo!

Charlie taking a little roll.

That time when the cookie jar was just out of reach.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce the newest member of our stable! Meet Rowdy, a 13yr bay quarterhorse from McMinnville, Oregon! Rowdy has settled in nicely for his 60 day evaluation and is already progressing well with his training under Officer Paul Stimmel. A special thank you to owner Vickie Brown and trainer Stacey Payne at Payneless Performance Horses for entrusting Rowdy to us!

It's our Monday. Time to get clean for the week.

Good morning sleepy head.

I forgot to post this tennis ball and water exercise last night. It's another training technique and they are having a little fun with it, but it is serious like the firecracker one. I hope I don't have to post today or tomorrow about any encounters.

This is the Mounted Unit getting re-used to the loud sound of fire crackers - especially moving toward them rather than running the other direction. Notice it does bother the horses - they shake their heads and occasionally try to move away, but this is one way they prepare for noises in the event they are used tomorrow.

Still from yesterday, while exploring the Mounted Patrol barn area Gunner was none too happy about the air conditioning system vent outside. After doing a few walk bys with a lead horse, he was challenged to do it himself, which he then did just great on. Let's see if I can get that video to up load. The voice in the background giving good advice to keep your horse calm is Officer Martin's.

It looks like I can only do one video at a time? That can't be right. Anyway, this one is very short and shows Gunner's reaction in the arena to the unexpected leaf blower and his return to calmness thanks to Officer Wollberg's riding.

Clip of Mountedd Unit In March 15 Irish Parade, 2014

Video of Sgt. Scott and Dozer performing the Caparisoned Horse Ceremony at the funeral today of the State Trooper.

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